Different types of kitchen layouts

Remodeling kitchen is getting popular nowadays. People love to remodel their kitchens. Because this is the place where all the family members sit together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In middle class families residents kitchens are not so much larger so it is difficult to use kitchen if there is two or more person. But remodeling of your kitchen creates some space that can help you while working in the kitchen. So if you are planning kitchen remodeling you need to choose the right layout for your home. There are many kitchen showrooms in Dubai. You can visit these showrooms and can choose the best and suitable layout for your house. Because when it comes to a typical home kitchen, the basics are inclusive of the sink, refrigerator and cook top (stove, oven for cooking). To get more help you can also visit some commercial kitchens in UAE. This can also help you to get idea. But in this article we are going to tell you some different types of kitchen layout which you can choose for you home kitchen.

Galley Kitchen

It is also called parallel kitchen. For those who don’t know, this happens to be one of the best and highly efficient kitchen layouts that are perfect for small spaces and serves as a perfect kitchen for cooking. In this type of layout, there are two walls that stand opposite each other with walkway that stands between then and that is why is also called as walkthrough kitchen. It makes easy to design cabinet. 

One-wall Kitchen

This type of layout is mostly taken up by those living in loft apartments and studio flats. This is because this style is utilize the minimum space. Cabinets and other appliances are mounted easily over a single wall. It is not a good idea to place the workstations by each other’s sides as you would not have any free space left on the countertops in between them. Nowadays modern kitchens also include islands for aesthetic purposes.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This style is also named the horseshoe kitchen layout. In this style there are three walls dedicated to appliances and cabinets. If you have a large space or are likely to spend most of your time in kitchen then you can choose this style. This style provides the counters, cabinet space and additional floor; create an effective work triangle that assists in saving time and energy when you are cooking meal. To get more info keep visiting our website.