How to find a good wedding planner

Weddings are the necessity to arrange in every society because people do not want to knot their tie without other people knowing about it. In this way they have to hire wedding planner in Dubai. While hiring a wedding planner people need to be very careful because there will be only one time wedding functions and no one wants to ruin that. If you have a wedding function around the corner then you should start searching for a wedding planner as early as possible because in case of delay you may not get the dates of any good wedding planner. You have to see the following things in a planner before hiring:

Decor ideas: You have to see their previous functions and get to know about how well they can decorate an event. If you are more of a flower person then you should specifically see that how well they can décor wedding flowers Dubai. In this era of social media now you can easily know about the decoration of any wedding planner because everyone now has a website and social media accounts.

Budget: You have to see your budget while hiring a planner. You should hire the one which can make your event beautiful under the budget which you can pay to them. It is the best feature of any wedding planner that they should be able to arrange your event under the budget. If any planner refuses to do that then you should hire someone else instead of getting loans to pay to your planner.

Food: You should see that how well they represent the food and how tasty their food is. You can know about the taste by checking their social media and also when you go to hire them then you can ask them to give you the chance to taste their food. If you do not like the food then you can skip that and hire a caterer of your own choice. If your wedding planner is not providing you the food facility then you should keep in mind while making the budget of your wedding planning because in this case you have to pay to the caterer separately. Food is something which people will remember even after many months or even years after the wedding.