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The Most Expensive Residence in the World

When we say the word expensive, we think of brands and cars or owning a jet of your own and not all of us are that rich to afford things that are super expensive. There are different advantages of owning expensive things but what that expensive thing is worth of if it is broken or stolen or you die for instance. We don’t mean to be mean but the benefit is good when it is for you and if something happens to you then the world will get the benefit of it. But there are people who have never given a thought to it and they own some of the most expensive things in the world. We all know that buying a house is expensive and it takes a lot of money but there are people in this world, that put all their money in one thing; their house and that what made us tike that how much expensive house is expensive and we came up with a list that you will read below. If you are going to build a house but need expensive ideas, ideas only because ideas can be duplicated in cheap like contacting best fit out companies in UAE or contacting cheap residential interior design companies in Dubai for the best interior, so, keep reading to find out more;

  1. The first expensive residence is the Pinnacle Woolworth Tower in New York which costs 79 million dollars. You must be wondering that why it is expensive, then you should know that there are 5 floors and it is known as the landmark of Manhattan. It is located on 9,710 square feet. It almost looks like a castle and it is now being converted into a hotel of 33 floors.
  2. The stop is in England, this residence is named as Hackwood Park, Hampshire it costs 85 million dollars. It is also called the Highclere castle and it looks like one part of building of Hogwarts and it is located on 260 acres with all trees and greenery on every side of it and it has 20 rooms and 2o bathrooms with two pools and amazing view of the sunset and sunrise from the terrace.
  3. Now heading back to New York, which is in the 12 East 69th Street in New York and it costs 88 million dollars and it is called the Le Penthouse and this looks like the home of the 80s but with all new techs.