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Establish an offshore company in UAE

Establish an offshore company in UAE

Establish an offshore company in UAE

Dubai is the second largest of the seven states that form the United Arab Emirates. It is the biggest state in terms of population and this is why it has emerged as a great market for international brands. The last few years have seen an upsurge in the influx of major international companies setting their feet in the deserts of Dubai and the surrounding states. The state is ideally located on the crossroads of major continental business centers like Europe, Asia, and Africa. The companies from these regions have made Dubai the home of their businesses and have expanded their international reach successfully.

What makes Dubai a perfect place to become the regional hub of trade and business activities? Firstly, the strategic location is very central to the state’s push towards becoming an international trade leader. Secondly, Dubai offers the best infrastructure, which works perfectly not only for the expats living in the Emirates but also for the companies which set up their businesses here. Thirdly, the rulers have spent a whopping amount on the provision of transportation and communication facilities, which has made the locomotion easy for the international companies. The abundance of world-class facilities and top-notch infrastructure offer the foreign investors to dream big and achieve big at an international level.

One can set up many forms of companies including free zone company, a limited liability company, a joint venture, or an onshore company, etc. The companies have a very diverse market of Dubai to tackle amid an increased competition but it also provides them the option to further expand their reach to various other continents and massive markets like Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australasia, etc. Your decision to establish an offshore company will give you the following benefits.

An offshore company is not liable to pay corporate tax, personal tax, custom duty, and income tax.

Your offshore company is not owned by anyone else but you.

An offshore company can be a virtual company as well.

An offshore company doesn’t have to keep public record of its directors and shareholders.

The free zones offer fast and quick incorporation processes, which helps the business people to set up their company at an expedited pace.

The business owner doesn’t have to be present in Dubai in personal capacity to establish the company. A registered agent can get the documents signed by the investors at their place of convenience.

Doing business in Dubai is more of a luxury than a challenge. You not only own a company but you are fully equipped by the local authorities to enjoy a world class business environment with the best options to import and export your goods to the whole world.